Cube Air Cooler - Mini air conditioning

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Can not stand the heat wave and pay a lot of light in summer? Maybe it's time to see this product ...

We present the revolution of summer, a mini air conditioner, humidifier and air purifier, all in one. Thanks to its small size it is ideal to install anywhere in your home or office, with excellent power to cool your home in a few minutes.

Why is it so revolutionary?
In summer, without air conditioning in your home or office it is very easy to get on your nerves. Let us give you back control and comfort in those days of heavy heat. AirCool is compact, and very simple to use, you just have to connect it to any outlet or through its USB port to offer you fresh air instantly.

You just have to fill your water tank, and during the next 8 hours you will forget the heat. Enjoy fresh, clean and pure air. In addition to giving you fresh air, it is an air purifier and humidifier, which will also help you clean the air you breathe of small particles.