Slimming Massage Belt

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Trim Off Inches! Look Good, Feel Good! Latest technology for simple workout alternative Strengthen, tone, and firm muscles Reduce cellulite with electrical heat Fat burning and trim off extra inches -waist, thigh, abdomen Soft and thin, fits body contours Effective distribution of safe and gentle electrical vibrations. Pain free! For men and women Wireless for ease of use

  • Use for just 10 minutes per day to see a difference
  • This product uses the latest technology to provide you with an effective elliptical swinging massage
  • It has warming function and 5 levels of intensity and auto modes to provide the best flexibility in chosen workout
  • It can help you achieve the desired shape. With appropriate diet it will become an effective way to lose weight
  • The belt can also be used on the shoulders, hips, and thighs for a full body workout