Portable Grill - The World's Most Portable Grill

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The Portable Grill is a portable stainless steel BBQ grill that can be used with charcoal or wood. The Portable Grill weighs only 10 lbs and folds up flat, sliding into a 20" x 24" flat travel bag allowing you to easily take this grill with you virtually anywhere. Take the grill with you to your favorite outdoor spots, camping, outdoor festivals or tailgating. The Portable Grill is made from food contact grade 430 stainless steel. The grill is octagon in shape, 21" wide x 21" wide with a cooking surface area of 370 square inches. This allows you to fit plenty of food on the grill when cooking up a feast with friends and family. The unique design and shape help to radiate the heat over the grilling surface, while at the same time requiring less fuel to do so.